Sensory Dolls


sensory doll example 2aThis doll is only available on request as it is made for an individual child with specific needs. Each of the sensory dolls is weighted to feel like a large baby or toddler. The weight makes a deep sensory impression on the child that is holding this doll.

For a sensory doll you will need to provide a clear description of your child so that I am able to capture and respond to the personality and unique qualities and needs that your child has. Ideally these dolls wear the clothes that your child wore when they were younger and I really like to incorporate your child’s first shoes if you still have these.
With these dolls I combine many textures within the clothing and hair, as well as giving the sensory dolls more defined features. This adds to the tactility and sensory experience when seeing, touching and handling these beautiful dolls.

I have developed these sensory dolls out of years of working with children with special needs and there are clear therapeutic principles underpinning my sensory dolls. If you would like more information please contact me directly.

These dolls require a minimum of 3 weeks notice. The cost is £150 + postage.

sensory doll example 1