Handcrafted Waldorf Dolls

Choose from my selection of dolls for sale. Alternatively you can contact me regarding making a bespoke doll.
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“Lucy” is 19 inches high and has long ginger pony tails.



“Bella” is 16 inches tall, she is very cuddly and soft to hold.



“Suzy” stands 16 inches high and is a ‘baby’ style doll with a little cap of baby hair



“Lotti” is a larger doll, standing at 18 inches tall and would be a great companion for a child of 5 and upwards



“Megan” is a 19 inches long. She has reddish brown hair tied back in a pony tail, with a sweet little fringe



“Clover” is 16 inches. She is easy to dress and undress and is soft and very cuddly


Rosie - SOLD

“Rosie” comes dressed in an embroidered cotton dress, baby vest and knitted pink scarf


Owen - SOLD

“Owen” is 18 inches tall. He is such a cuddly companion and the ideal friend for a child 4 years upward



“Molly” is 16 inches long. Her long hair offers lots of opportunity to change her style



"Flora" is 18 inches long. She is large and cuddly, a wonderful friend for an older child- recommended for 6 years and up.



"Annie" is 18 inches tall. She is best suited to the arms of an older child from 6 years and upwards.



Poppy is 18 inches tall. She is a lovely doll, perfect for hours of imaginative play, she would make a wonderful companion for a child 6 years and upwards



"Freya" is 18 inches tall. She is an ideal playmate for a younger child. I suggest 5 years and above.