What Are Waldorf Dolls?

waldorf doll 70Waldorf dolls have very simple features which provide the child with plenty of opportunity to engage their imagination.

Each of my dolls is handcrafted by me and has a unique personality, with many being made to order. Working from either a photograph or written description I can make a doll in the likeness of your child with skin, eye and hair colour/style variations. Through this customising process, my attention and thought is given to creating a doll for your child and these dolls always have a very special quality.

I have a strong upcycling ethos and use local, recycled and natural materials wherever possible. The dolls are made from stockinette cotton and filled with organic sheep fleece so they are warm and soft to hold. For the clothes I often adapt old baby clothes and can even use fabrics which have featured in your child’s life. The abundance of materials in the world calls on us to reuse and recycle wherever possible. This in turn keeps down the cost of my dolls, making it possible for every child to have one.

Through my experience of working with children with special needs I have also developed therapeutic sensory dolls. These are large dolls, which are heavily weighted (with sand and sheep fleece) to give the child a strong sensory impression. The sensory dolls incorporate details made out of contrasting textures such as, rough wool, leather and soft fabrics like velvet and velour; I often include little shoes with laces. The features of the sensory dolls are more pronounced, with visible noses. These dolls need a detailed description of the children. Please allow up to three weeks for completion.