About Basia

basiaI was born and grew up in Poland and moved to England in the early nineties. I have been working with children all my adult life. The journey began when I trained as a midwife in communist Poland. At age 21 I found myself working in hospitals supporting and caring for Mothers and their infants. The impulse to support the young child has remained over the years but has found new expressions as I took up working with young children with special educational needs and then, later, working in Waldorf Steiner kindergartens as a teacher.

I made my very first doll for my daughter when she was 5. This is now over 18 years ago and I am still tirelessly making dolls and find renewed joy and creativity each time I work on them. I have made dolls for family, friends, my own kindergarten, doll collectors and many costumers over the years. I now find myself a grandmother and, looking back, I can see that midwifery is still present in my life as I continue to aid the creation and birth of my dolls.

Through my many years working with children I have cultivated two important values; beauty and creativity, these principles now visually manifest in my doll making.